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Storyboard artist film | I need a storyboard artist | storyboard artist price | need a storyboard artist

I need a storyboard artist! OMG! Where do I find the best?”
Is that what is going on in your mind? Worried that the storyboard artist for your film would cost a fortune? Relax! Our storyboard artist price is within your budget.
Here is our storyboard artist price :

  •  Single black and white panel/frame: $25 / INR 1000 / GBP 19 / Euro 23
  • Single color panel/frame: $50 / INR 2000 / GBP 38 / Euro 46

When you need a storyboard artist who would rework for corrections, for no extra charges, we should be your preferred choice. When you have a brilliant script, you need a storyboard artist who is brilliant to make your script come alive. That is where we come in.

Here is a rough estimate of how much each page of your screenplay is going to cost to be storyboarded. If we go for 4 black and white panels/frames from each page of your screenplay, that means: $25 per panel X 4 panels = $100 per page of your screenplay. If your screenplay is 100 pages in length and if you wish to storyboard the entire screenplay, the cost is: $100 per page X 100 pages = $10,000. If we go for 5 panels per page of the screenplay, each page is going to cost $25 X 5 = $125. So a 100 page screenplay is going to cost $12,500 if you want to storyboard the entire screenplay. If your budget is less, you can consider storyboarding a part of the screenplay; especially the heavy action parts. That would cut down your cost. 

If you want to order 5 or more pages, you may pay for 5 pages at a time (in advance).